How to Contact Us

Valley Clinical Laboratory (Main Laboratory) 530-532-8322

Valley Clinical Laboratory (Client Services) 530-532-8686


Department Heads 

Call the Main Laboratory Number listed above to contact directly.

Christine Stahl (Administrative Laboratory Director)
Amie Myers (Assistant Laboratory Director, Hematology Supervisor)
Debbie Golet (Microbiology Supervisor)
Debbie Dixon (Chemistry Supervisor)
Wendy Shaw (Transfusion Service Supervisor)
Mark Henderson (Urinalysis and Coagulation Supervisor)
Jennifer Marwood (Chemistry Supervisor)
John Glaspie (Outreach Services Manager)
Lillian Arrigoni (Phlebotomy Supervisor)
Eric Bauer (Client Services Supervisor)
Gina Monsen (Lab billing and Registration Supervisor)
Kim Taylor (Histology Supervisor)
Harnaik Banga (Cytology Supervisor)
Cindy Cox (Lab office Supervisor)

Valley Clinical Laboratory is dedicated to always providing the finest personalized healthcare in the North State.