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Lab Tests Online
Excellent site listing information about specific laboratory tests designed for general public use

WebMD Health
Excellent site with general (but fairly detailed) information on health and disease

MedLine Plus
Public Access Health Information serviced by the National Library of Medicine

Americal Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists (ASCLS)
Information about Clinical laboratory Science and technology.
BIG list of medical links

American Society of Clinical Pathologists
National certification agency for Laboratory professionals
General laboratory test information for the general public

American Association of Blood Banks
General information on blood donation, testing for the general public, information for laboratory professionals

California Department of Health Services
General health information, health warnings

Laboratory Field Services - California Department of Health Services
License requirements, Continuing Education

Centers for Disease Control
Information on national health issues, health warnings and alerts
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

College of American Pathologists
Public information about pathology and clinical laboratory

PubMED Central
Archive of full-text medical journal articles - FREE!

Oroville Hospital
Homebase for Valley Clinical Laboratory

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