General Information for Physicians and Clinics

What we can do for you

Valley Clinical Laboratory can provide you and your patients with high quality laboratory testing services at a reasonable cost. Result reporting can be accomplished a number of ways to suit the individual needs of your office.

Managed care, billing issues

We bill all insurance carriers, including MediCal, MediCare, and Workers' Compensation. Our client billing department will be happy to work with your staff to obtain proper billing codes and information in order to maximize payment by insurance carriers.

Courier Services and Turnaround Times

For your convenience, we can schedule convenient times to pick up specimens from your office. Most test results can be completed within 24 hours (see testing link) and reports can be hand delivered by courier or sent to your office via FAX or a dedicated laser printer. In addition, patient test results can be accessed through our Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your office computer system. All reporting methods meet or exceed HIPAA requirements.

If you prefer not to collect patient specimens in your office, Valley Clinical Laboratory has a variety of Patient Service Centers where you can send your patients to have their laboratory test specimens collected.

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California Department of Public Health

If you would like more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Steve Sweet, Laboratory Manager at 530-532-8322 or email him at

Valley Clinical Laboratory is dedicated to always providing the finest personalized healthcare in the North State.